Janesh Janardhanan


Management Consultant

Advisor to public and private sector clients

Subject Matter Expert

Industry expertise in Environment, Building Technologies, Defense, Government, Robotics


Entrepreneur with history & interest in startups in Robotics, Consumer Durables, Healthcare & Internet


Seed stage investor into Healthcare, Internet, Education, Energy & Robotics startups


Brief Snapshot of Janesh's work
Every small act matters in how we evolve as humans

My first view of things from a global perspective was when I was selected to do my B. Eng at the National University of Singapore on a scholarship program. Mingling with students and professors from across the world certainly put things in perspective and broaded my view from that of a village boy to that of a global citizen. Armed with new attitude and resources, I built India's first mainstream consumer robotics company at age 21, funded with VC investment and signed some sizable deals with MNCs. Later, I joined a management consulting firm, and worked with senior leadership teams of MNCs & government agencies on strategy. Working with some of the most influential companies and agencies of our times, each new project broadens my view of the world and presents opportunities to contribute to the advancement of us as a human race.

  • Management Consulting
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Entrepreneur
  • Investor

My Stakeholders

My little family
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Dr. Sruthy Mohan

The better half
Dr. Sruthy Mohan is a skilled dental surgeon. She has worked as a consulting dental surgeon at all major clinics in the Ottapalam area in Kerala. A registered member of the Indian Dental Association, Dr. Sruthy is also active with several dental camps organized for children, and the less fortunate.
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Arun Janardhanan

The elder influencer
At three, Arun (Achu) has his influence on how we spend any idle minute at home, the programs we get to watch on TV, and the food we get to eat.
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Ayan Janardhanan

The younger one
Ayan (Aaadi) is busy understanding what all the fuss is about. He likes staring at the ceiling and smiling at people. When bored, he demands to be lifted and carried around. Else, it is nap time.

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